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Raleigh's Voice - BLM Protest Interviews June 2020

Protesters speak on why they march for Black Lives Matter and the changes they want to see for our community. June 2, 2020. Raleigh, NC

"It doesn't matter who you are, you should have the same equality as anyone else... I hope this makes a difference, no I know this will make a difference"

"It's bigger than just the police, it's bigger than just the judicial system. You can see those disparities everywhere... Yes, I'm protesting for George Floyd but I'm protesting for everybody else that has died or could possibly die too. I just want to see change."

"I want to be the best ally that I can possibly be. I don't know what it's like leaving my house and wondering if I'm going to make it back home alive... I feel like I have a duty to step up... that's why I'm here today, so that I can share myself, my time, my energy, my compassion, and my heart with all the people who have ever been and could be wronged by police or otherwise. That's why I'm here."

"What I want... I want justice."

"Everybody deserves to live a balanced, peaceful existence... and who is anybody to take that away from anybody."

These interviews were captured in collaboration with Two Dots Studio, Mikail Dingle, and Paola Amparan. Editing and post production is credited to Mikail Dingle.

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