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Building Community during COVID-19


BLM Protest Interviews June 20

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Community through storytelling.

RCity RVoice is a user-powered movement striving to amplify the voices of our community to fight for equality, build empathy, and humanize causes through stories, art, photos, and poetry. Our mission is to document, preserve, and share the voices of Raleigh and the Triangle with authenticity and transparency.
Started by a small group of Raleigh creatives, this initiative explores the use of storytelling as a weapon for positive change.
#RCITY #RVOICE: Amplifying Our Community
Building Community during COVID-19
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Triangle Community Foundation

Collaborative Organization

Building a stronger Triangle for all by working strategically to fill in gaps, reduce inequities, and solve the region’s most pressing challenges.
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Resources to Restore Raleigh

Resources you need, discover ways to help, and be a part of carrying 919 forward. We are here to help our community find those ways.
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Education Justice Alliance

Education Reform and Advocacy

EJA is a non-partisan grassroots group that participates in civic engagement efforts focused on education.
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Fertile Ground

Food Cooperative

Working to establish multi-stakeholder grocery stores and community gathering spaces to increases access to healthy/affordable food and services.
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Raleigh Pact

Police Accountability Task Force

A coalition of community-based groups, community leaders, and non-profit organizations committed to human rights. #RALEIGHDEMANDSJUSTICE
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Your voice matters

This platform is built to honor the voices of our community, and to place the power of the narrative back in the hands of the individuals. We invite you to submit resources, stories, photos, articles, poetry, music, or anything else you feels represents your voice.
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